martes, 22 de abril de 2014

Dionysus: used, abused, crashed & destroyed

En 2013 Deus propuso la Deus Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off, una competición global en la que el jurado lo formaban los internautas y en la que se presentaron 20 transformaciones de constructores de los cuatro puntos cardinales. Sin duda la más hard-core y marciana fue la del norteamericano Jamie Robinson. 

Born a CBR600RR - sporty and plastic looking - then used, abused - crashed & destroyed. With the motivation of a nagging wife, the thought of selling my beloved CBR, it was, with the help of many friends, re-build like never before. My inspiration came from Mad Max and Dirt-bikes, the rendering from Roland Sands and the rest somehow just happened. Cost and simplicity was of huge importance, as was weight and ride-ability. Rebuilding my wreaked motorcycle was an excellent idea as even though it was challenging at times, its now unique, fun and best of all, puts a huge smile on my face every time I ride it! Now reborn and happily renamed the 'Dionysus' after the Greek God of Ecstatic Behavior'. Pues eso. Take it easy Jamie !!

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